My story

Who I am

My real name is Astrid Edwards. I was diagnosed with MS in December 2013, and in March 2015 I became a National Advocate for MS Australia.

I started writing this blog under the pseudonym LadywithMS in February 2014 because I was scared. I was scared of everything – changes to my health (the merest headache became a cause for alarm), the medications available, the emotional reaction of those close to me, the obvious lack of understanding by some medical professionals, and the disease itself.

I’m still scared of the disease. If I wasn’t, it would be because I was in denial. But I have a handle on the rest of it.

The thing about MS is that I might lose that handle at any moment. As I write this I feel 100 per cent healthy. But I could wake up tomorrow unable to feel the lower half of my body. Believe me, it has happened.

And so I write.

Why I write

I’ve written a post about why I blog about MS. It boils down to three things:

  • I write for me, to create a record for myself.
  • I write for family and friends, particularly when I give a detailed health update.
  • And I write for everyone else out there who has MS.

Contact me

You can find LadywithMS on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. If MS is what you are interested in, this is where to follow or contact me.

I also happen to be a writer pursing a life not defined by MS. For the far more interesting version of me, check out, and