Inside an MRI_LadywithMS_4

Inside an MRI machine

Every time I have an MRI, I fill out the same safety form again.

Inside an MRI_LadywithMS_1

The form never changes, no matter how many times I fill it in.

Inside an MRI_LadywithMS_2

Warning signs. There are always warning signs. Even if I am feeling fine, the warning signs are always a reminder that I am not, in fact, fine. So my advice? Ignore them.

Inside an MRI_LadywithMS_3

Normally at this point I am wearing only a hospital gown (or if I get lucky, scrubs). This time, I got to remain clothed, take my time and really look at what else is in the room with the MRI machine.

Inside an MRI_LadywithMS_4

My scans are always of my brain, and this is the head holder they use to keep my head still (although normally I’m lying down).

Inside an MRI_LadywithMS_5

Each time you go into an MRI, they make you hold an emergency button (it is attached to the cord in my left hand). I’ve never used it yet… But I have thought about it.

Inside an MRI_LadywithMS_6

It gets cold in there… Particularly when you are only wearing a hospital gown. Say yes to the blanket. Always.

Inside an MRI_LadywithMS_7

There is a mirror above your eyes to help you see out of the machine.

Inside an MRI_LadywithMS_8

Peaking out of the MRI machine.

Inside an MRI_LadywithMS_9

The view the radiographers see when I am in the MRI machine

Inside an MRI_LadywithMS_11

And my partner Jay checking me out in the MRI machine.

Inside an MRI_LadywithMS_10

There is a pressure release hatch (I like to think of it as the escape hatch) in every room with an MRI.

Inside an MRI_LadywithMS_12

And finally, a close up of the pressure release hatch in the room with the MRI machine.

Inside an MRI_LadywithMS_13

One comment

  1. What a great idea to show how getting an MRI works. Having done it several times now, I sort of take the whole process for granted … but I’m sure most people have no idea what it entails. As someone who usually overheats in the tube, I ask the techs to put fans on me … and that’s great! Anyway: nice post.


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