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I climbed a mountain (yes, really)

I climbed a mountain_LadywithMS

I didn’t blog about MS in 2016 because, well, MS bores me. I’d like to forget about it. Still, as 2017 is now well and truly underway, I have a few updates to add to this online record of mine.

My MS was stable in 2016

Symptoms remain and yes, some days were a write off. But my third year with MS was better than the first two. Win.

But side effects from MS medications were a nightmare

There is a difference between MS symptoms and side effects. And for me, 2016 was the year of side effects. Actually the middle six months of 2016 were a clusterf*#k full of side effects.

One year into treatment, Gilenya (my first MS medication) turned on me. Four months later (after one skin cancer scare, one trip to the emergency with suspected liver damage, complete skin breakdown and an all over body drug rash all chalked up to the drug) my neurologist and I decided to switch.

Switching MS medications is… unpleasant. But in this case, necessary.

I switched to Tecfidera, another oral drug which comes with a host of new side effects. But almost three months in, I am over the worst (or perhaps I am just over the embarrassment of flushing bright red for hours each day).

And in late 2016 I climbed a mountain

I am not a hiker, but my partner Jay loves it. Camelback Mountain in Phoenix Arizona is his favourite hike. So, in December 2016 (Phoenix is a desert: no hiking for me with MS there in spring or summer) Jay helped me reach the top.

It took me more than twice the time he normally takes to do the entire hike just to reach the summit (it ascends 1,280 ft, from 1,424 ft above sea level to 2,704 ft), and then of course I had to get down. But it was worth it.

He also filmed me doing it. He’s the best.

And as for blogging in 2017…

I’m hoping to be well, with nothing to record. So hopefully there will be nothing.

8 thoughts on “I climbed a mountain (yes, really)

  1. Love it!. That video made me smile. :). And I’m with you re the not blogging. Haven’t blogged since October as all a bit blurgh, so know where your coming from. Keep smiling!.

  2. I have MS and I’m currently training to run the London marathon in April. This is something I have always wanted to do and I am determined to do it. I have enjoyed reading your blog and you climbing the mountain has given me some encouragement at a time when I am finding the training quite difficult. If anyone has a moment please take a look at my story https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Rustymooha1

  3. Wow! Well done, what a brilliant achievement! Know how difficult it can be just for getting up in the mornings so this is incredible, and what incredible encouragement and inspiration for others to show that MS can not stop you from doing such amazing feats!

    I have nominated you for a ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ because I love reading your blog and for its honesty and positivity throughout. You should also be congratulated for raising awareness of MS. Check it out: https://brainlesionandme.com/2017/02/02/one-lovely-blog-nomination/

  4. I am new to this blogging world! I have MS and currently not on anything! I know, I know, I’m crazy! I was on Gilenya and then forgot to get my new dosage so guess who gets to start over! I tried the Tecfidera but apparently I’m not as brave as everyone else I’ve read about! Good luck

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