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What I learn from interviewing others

We Don’t Talk About_What I learn from interviewing others_LadywithMS

Everyone has a story. Too many people think their story is not worth anything. That it is not ‘special’ enough.

But all stories are, when told with guts and honesty.

I’ve stumbled upon a community of people who have profound stories to tell. It is not a community anyone chooses to join. We are ill. And the stories are of death and dying, pain and trauma, but also of survival and living.

I’ve learned I’m not alone. Each time I interview another person, I learn a little trick or a hard-won insight that changes my approach to my own illness. Doctors don’t know these, nor do carers. Only the ill.

And I’ve learned there are many of us – more than 4.5 million live with chronic illness (many of them invisible) in Australia alone. There are so many stories to tell, and to learn from.

What is your story? And whose story do you know?