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The Progress in MS Research Public Lectures

Progress in MS Research Public Lectures_LadywithMS

MS research is controversial

Medical research is controversial. And medical research into Multiple Sclerosis tends to be more controversial than most. The stakes are high. Plenty of people gave positive feedback on my last post, and a handful gave what I am going to describe euphemistically as ‘constructive criticism’.

So I am going to let the experts speak for themselves.

Progress in MS Research Public Lecture

The 2015 Progress in MS Research Conference held in Melbourne in October 2015. MS Research Australia has released four public lectures covering the highlights of the conference.

Current and emerging treatment for MS in Australia: An update

Impact of social experience on adult myelin repair

Physical activity and exercise: A lifespan approach to maintain health

Progress in MS Research Conference: Latest news and developments

All lectures can be watched at MS Research Australia.