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We Don’t Talk About featured on Channel Ten News in Sydney

We Don’t Talk About featured on Channel Ten News in Sydney_LadywithMS

Channel Ten News in Sydney featured my We Don’t Talk About project over the weekend.

The purpose of We Don’t Talk About is to start conversations about the hard things associated with chronic and invisible diseases (including our very Multiple Sclerosis). It is a forum to share the darker thoughts – especially those thoughts that don’t often cut it as dinner table conversation: about illness and disease, relationships and family, finances, sex, end-of-life care and dying.

The goal is not to be bleak; it is to be honest. Cathartic, even.

If you know anyone with a chronic or invisible disease, please share the site with them. They may want to tell their story. If they do, they can remain as anonymous or be as public as they like. Or you can use this site to start a conversation with those you love – either about their condition or yours.

The project was featured on the Channel Ten News in Sydney over the weekend. Thanks go to Frank Lyons, who shared his story living with Motor Neuron Disease, and Rob Miller, who shared his on living with Parkinson’s disease.