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Telling people you are sick: The good that can come from it

Telling people you are sick: The good that can come from it_LadywithMS

My current project, We Don’t Talk About, talks publicly about the impact of chronic disease on a person’s life. Important, but not necessarily happy.

So I thought it was time for some good news.

In her 2012 TEDMED Talk What happen’s when one person’s disease becomes everybody’s business?, Gail McGovern (the CEO of the American Red Cross), talks about how going public with her breast cancer helped her. It helped her through her diagnosis, her treatment and all the way through her recovery.

‘When the TEDMED folks asked me if I would talk about this topic I figured if there is just one person who gets a single nugget out of what I am talking about, then it will have been worth it for me to put myself on the line like this’.

And yes, for those of you who are ill, she points out what we have all experienced, the ‘look of awkwardness’ healthy people get when they are around us.

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