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We Don’t Talk About: Understanding those who are ill

We Don't Talk About: Understanding those who are ill

We Don’t Talk About

We Don’t Talk About is now live. It is a forum to share the difficult thoughts prompted by chronic and invisible disease. The goal is not to be bleak; it is to be honest.

Chronic and invisible diseases are hard to live with. And they are more common than you think. Chances are, you know someone with (at least) one. Often they are ‘invisible’, making them hard to understand and easy to dismiss.

The purpose is to start conversations about the hard things associated with chronic and invisible diseases. It is to acknowledge the long term, lonely and often grief-stricken nature of such diseases, for both those with the disease and the people around them.

Share your story, or start a conversation

Please take a look. Share your story, or share the published stories with those you know and love.

And remember, you are likely know someone with a chronic disease, but you are less likely to know what they are thinking and feeling.

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This project is supported by The Wheeler Centre, who awarded me a Hot Desk Fellowship in 2015. For this, I am deeply grateful. Their support gives a weight and sense of legitimacy to this project that I may not achieve on my own.

This project has been a labour of love for several months now (I have previously mentioned here and here), and I am pleased to say that the response to date has been heartwarming. The project has evolved, but for the record you can see my original pitch to The Wheeler Centre here.