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Fearing Spring: The most common time for a relapse

I have to admit, I am growing a little anxious. Fearful even. Spring is here.

Spring is the most common time for an MS relapse, and so far I am 2 for 2: I went downhill in late September and October 2013 (culminating in my rather impressive first relapse), and in late October 2014 (resulting in my second relapse).

There is no definitive reason behind this, although (as so many things related to MS) it may be related to Vitamin D. Vitamin D levels are naturally lower after living through the winter – less sunny – months. The data back this up: winter is the least common time for an MS relapse, as Vitamin D levels are still adequate after being bolstered in the summer months. And then of course there is the relationship between MS and geography – the incidence of MS increases the further away people live from the Equator.

Research into how Vitamin D is related to MS – whether it is onset of the disease, the time between MS relapses, genetic absorption factors and ideal supplement levels – continues. I was in the Vitamin D PreVANZ trial throughout 2014, until my second relapse meant I was no longer eligible.

In the meantime as the MS community waits for results, I am taking an awful lot of Vitamin D and hoping for the best.

6 thoughts on “Fearing Spring: The most common time for a relapse

  1. Hi, I was just browsing other sites by people who also have MS. I have several auto immune illnesses and I am still recovering from my last and worst relapse that happened in the spring. I find that writing helps he cope, process. It helps to get it out of my head and if it helps someone else its even better. I’m just starting my site and deciding between wordpress and Sharespace. keep blogging and I’ll keep reading (or try to anyway!)

  2. Ahh… the Vitamin D studies are interesting. I read something in one article that said MS is almost non-existent in countries that lay along the equator. I, myself, have been taking about 10,000 (units? micrograms? I forget how it’s measured) for several months. I find it almost comically ironic that it looks like those of us with MS need to keep our Vitamin D levels up… but the heat of the sun exacerbates symptoms. : I wish you much luck through this spring and hope that you don’t have another relapse!

  3. I just had a relapse a couple weeks ago. I am now finally close to being back to myself. I was fighting a bug that had been going around and was bombarded with stress. That was the critical point for me. Just thankful everything seems to be coming back ….. keep writing and I’ll keep reading. I to am new to this blogging thing. Hoping it helps, if not just one person, I will be happy. Take care and write on…..

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