MS heat sensitivity: Travelling to a hot, dry climate

Heat sensitivity is one of those weird entries in the long list of MS symptoms that seem unimportant. Unimportant, at least, until you’ve experienced your body shutting down around you after you overheated or because of a quick change of temperature.

Truth be told, I was worried about the heat in Phoenix: very hot, very dry, and chronically low humidity. I’m pleased to report that after five nights in Phoenix, I’ve experienced nothing more or less in the heat than everyone else suffering through +107F/+43C temperatures.

Of course, my two previous heat sensitivity incidents (one in a hot bath in Berlin and one on an overcrowded tram in Melbourne) were prior to taking a disease modifying therapy (DMT). I’ve now settled into my Gilenya treatment, and I can only assume Gilenya is the reason I avoided a third meltdown. I also made sure to use my common sense: I stayed away from direct sunlight and I didn’t exert myself.

Still, I count this as a travel victory over MS. Next stop will be Thailand in September. Then we shall see how I (and my trusty Gilenya) go in tropical heat and humidity.

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