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Eating for MS Part 2: Wahls, Paleo and doing my own thing

The Wahls Protocol and the Paleo Diet

Even considering writing this post takes me far too close to the healthy-lifestyle-blogger type, which I’m not. So I’ll keep this to the point.

Changing my diet is an unfortunate yet necessary life change driven by MS.

My doctor advised me ‘to not get fat’. And lets be honest: that is good advice in order to avoid other crappy diseases (God forbid I end up with anything else wrong with the second-class body I drag around these days).

So I adopted the Wahls Diet in January (see my initial blog). It is a hybrid of the Paleo Diet, tailored for autoimmune diseases like MS.

I’ve lost 4kgs doing exactly zero exercise (I recommend exercise, I’ve just let myself down on that score). I eat as much as I want whenever I want; however I only eat what is ‘allowed’.

Red wine and coffee remain on the menu

I have made two concessions from the Wahls Protocol and the Paleo Diet (I eat eggs and I have dairy once a week), but otherwise I am very strict. No exceptions, whether I am at home or eating out.

My personal rules are:

  • Avoid gluten, sugar and processed foods like the plague (to the point where the food in my cupboards was thrown out and replaced)
  • Preference vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood at every meal
  • Treat dairy as a rare treat.

Red wine and black coffee remain on the menu.

Thanks go to my partner, who didn’t mind me curling up on the couch and groaning for two weeks when I suffered sugar withdrawal (trust me, it is a real thing if you completely remove sugar from your diet).

7 thoughts on “Eating for MS Part 2: Wahls, Paleo and doing my own thing

  1. I can relate! I am also following a pretty strict whole foods diet. Not the Wahl’s protocol specifically but pretty close. I am following the Overcoming MS Recovery program. I was a pretty clean eater before (as was my husband) so the shift was not huge. And we are all prescribing to it so I don’t feel left out at meals. 10lbs lost has been quite a nice bonus. But most importantly for me I have my energy back. I have chosen not to start meds yet. Next set of scans in a few months. Fingers Crossed! Best to you!

    1. Can’t really bring myself to do much diet modification yet.. but then relapses are not giving me grief. That said, exercise has made ahige difference. . dave bexfield really inspiring me. now swim 3 times weekly.. no excuses and especially 24 after jab.. clears the head and makes me feel human again! who knows one day I may do diet…but not yet. ..

      1. Exercise is next up for me. I think the main thing for all of us is to make what changes are sustainable for our lives… MS is a marathon, not a sprint.

  2. May I ask what kind of changes you’ve noticed with your MS due to the diet? My neurologist mentioned that diet “may” make a difference, and she said some neurologists really push diet on patients. Herself, she wasn’t a big diet-pusher on her patients. I’ve only had a few appointments with her since I’ve been diagnosed, so that hasn’t been high on my list of topics to discuss at this point. I’ve read a lot of mixed things. So I’d love to hear some actual feedback from someone who’s changed their diet. 🙂

    1. MS Girl, due to diet changes I am generally much healthier than I was a few months ago. That can only be a good thing – my body will be better able to deal with ravages of MS, and I reduce my chance of getting other diseases. Diet isn;t going to cure MS, but it is certainly going to make a bunch of other things better. 🙂

      1. Certainly can’t argue that! I’m always trying to improve my diet/health, and having MS only gives me more reason. 🙂

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