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Asking doctors to disclose: What do you want to know?

What do you know about your doctor? And your medication?

If you take medication, you should know why you are taking it. And why your doctor recommended that specific treatment, approach or brand.

Everyone checks qualifications and competency to practice medicine and/or a medical speciality. Google makes that easy.

Most of us figure out if our doctor has personal beliefs that aren’t compatible with what we are looking for. Reproductive rights. Sexual preference. Religious requirements. End of life decisions.

But what about the doctor’s biases? And whether or not they are paid by a pharmaceutical company to prescribe certain drugs? Or by insurance companies to perform certain procedures?

No one wants to be taking a drug or having an operations because the doctor gets paid for it, rather than because it is the best treatment for them.

What should doctors disclose?

In What your doctor won’t disclose Dr Leana Wen explores medical transparency and full disclosure by doctors. Apparently she got in quite a bit of trouble for raising the topic.  Start from 6:02 minutes.

The doctor-patient relationship is important. And as Wen says, ‘just because doctors have to see every patient, doesn’t means that patients have to see every doctor’ (at 7:20).

It is worth considering. Find the right doctor for you. Especially if, like me, you need a bunch of them for life.

Thanks to TED MED and You Tube for the video.