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Eating for MS: Attempting the Wahls Protocol

Diet and MS

The cause of MS remains unknown and there is no cure. There is only treatment to manage and slow the progression of the disease.

Feeling the need to ‘do something’, I asked my neurologist about diet. His answers were brutally honest (and much appreciated). When I was first diagnosed, he told me to sit in the sun and enjoy a wine. Later, when I was in a better frame of mind, he said ‘don’t get fat’ (as that would make it harder for me to remain mobile and for others to assist me).

I know changing my diet won’t cure me, and I am wary of becoming the crazy sick person who adopts a radical diet. But more than a year into my diagnosis and two relapses later, I feel obliged to at least try the Wahls Protocol – a (controversial) anti-inflammatory diet for autoimmune diseases, and MS in particular.

The Wahls Protocol

Minding Your Mitochondria‘ is a 2011 TED Talk by Dr. Terry Wahls. It has since been turned into the Wahls Protocol. Dr Wahls is an American doctor who was diagnosed with MS and eventually ended up in a wheelchair following standard treatments. She overhauled her diet, and ended up out of the wheelchair.

The diet is controversial for its claim to ‘heal MS’. But as far as diets go, it is packed full of fresh vegetables, fruits and meats, so it doesn’t leave me detoxing on only grapefruit (or something equally unappealing).

I am not going to bore you with the details, but the basic points are:

  1. Eat nine cups of fruits and vegetables a day (three green, three coloured, three sulphur).
  2. Eliminate processed foods, especially sugar. Also eliminate gluten and dairy.
  3. Improve the quality and freshness of food consumed.

I am under no delusion that this will cure me. But if it minimises my daily symptoms, I can get on board.

I am dedicating myself to the Wahls Protocol for two entire months, at which point I will see how I feel. But I have to say, after three weeks of eating this many vegetables and no processed foods, I feel pretty darn good.

Anyone else out there on the Wahls Protocol?

You can watch the video here.

6 thoughts on “Eating for MS: Attempting the Wahls Protocol

  1. Good luck! I hope it helps you. I looked into the Wahls diet, but it does not seem at all suitable for vegetarians. I don’t eat much dairy, but like all vegetarians I rely on legumes and carbohydrate rich foods for protein. I will be interested to hear how you go 🙂

  2. Im doing something similar, I’ve noticed a little change in MS symptoms, but mostly other stomach issues that were troblesome. No cure yet, but I’ll take it!

  3. Diet is HUGE! I’ve followed a Paleo diet for 3 years after watching Dr wahls video and it’s made a huge difference for me. I was relapsing every 6 months and since changing my nutrition I’ve only had one! Best of luck to you 🙂 I hope you find something that works well for you.

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