World MS Day_Astrid Edwards

World MS Day Interview

This interview was originally published in by Brooke Hunter in May 2019. World MS Day 2019 on […]

Five years with Multiple Sclerosis_LadywithMS

Five Years With Multiple Sclerosis

Last week was the five year anniversary of my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Not exactly something to celebrate… […]

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Book review: ‘The Unmapped Mind’ by Christian Donlan

Rarely have I been so delighted by a memoir about Multiple Sclerosis. I recommend Christian Donovan’s The Unmapped […]



My real name is Astrid Edwards. I was diagnosed with MS in 2013, and I became a National Advocate for MS Australia in 2015.

I started writing this blog under the pseudonym LadywithMS because I was scared. I was scared of everything – changes to my health (the merest headache became a cause for alarm), the medications available, the emotional reaction of those close to me, the obvious lack of understanding by some medical professionals, and the disease itself.

I’m still scared of the disease. If I wasn’t, it would be because I was in denial. But I have a handle on the rest of it.

And so I write. I’ve written a post about why I blog about MS. It boils down to three things:

  • I write for me, to create a record for myself.
  • I write for family and friends, particularly when I give a detailed health update.
  • And I write for everyone else out there who has MS.
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I worked with Medicine X, MS Australia and MS Research Australia to develop the ‘MS Xplained’ app (read my blog about it here).



You can find LadywithMS on Facebook and Twitter. If MS is what you are interested in, this is where to follow or contact me.

I also happen to be a writer pursing a life not defined by MS. I teach writing at RMIT University, run a podcasting company and host The Garret: Writers on Writing.

For the far more interesting version of me, check out or follow me on Instagram, Goodreads and LinkedIn.

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